Laketon Township residents receive their police protection from the Muskegon County Sheriff's Department and on a limited basis by the Michigan State Police.

Laketon Township is a participating member township in the Partners In Neighborhood Safety (PINS) program. That means that Laketon Township pays for and has a Sheriff's deputy assigned to the township working various times and days.

The PINS program offers a free "Property Check" service.  When residents are away from home for work, vacation or are "snow birds" - a deputy will periodically check on the property and can alert the property owner if any issues arise.  A form must be completed to request this service whenever you will be away from home.  Click here for the form.  Once completed, it can be turned in to Laketon Township Hall for a deputy to pick up.

If you are in need of police assistance, call 911.  911 is NOT just for an emergency - it is Central Dispatch and it is how all police officers and sheriff deputies are dispatched; it is also how animal control officers are dispatched.

YELLOW DOT PROGRAM - a Muskegon County Program to provide First Responders important medical information in the event of a car accident or other medical emergency.

Click Here for information on the program, Click Here for a sample of the medical information form and click here for a sample of the envelope it should be stored in and kept in the vehicle glovebox. 

A limited number of packets are available at Laketon Township Hall or you can get a packet from the Muskegon Charter Fire Department. 


Fire Protection

Laketon Township provides our residents with fire protection under a contract with Muskegon Charter Township Fire Department.

In addition, the fire departments from the City of North Muskegon and White Lake Fire Authority respond to alarms within our township through a mutual aid agreement. As a result of this agreement, our residents now enjoy the lowest fire insurance rates possible for our type of community. Up until 1998, Laketon Township had a fire rating of ten (10). Due to efforts of Muskegon Charter Township's Fire Chief and the mutual aid agreements with area fire departments, Laketon Townshipo has a fire rating of five (5) for the majority of the Township. 

Special Note:  There is a small area of Laketon Township that is still at a fire rating of ten (10) due to being more than five (5) road miles from any fire station. For more information on this, residents are encouraged to contact the Fire Chief at (231) 773-4316.

Local Township Ordinances

Laketon Township has an ordinance enforcement officer to ensure that all ordinances are enforced and followed within the township.  Laketon Township relies on the complaints/reports from citizens to enforce the ordinances.  If you have a complaint or report of possible ordinance violations, please call the township offices at 231-744-2454.

General Ordinances are available on this website under the tab "General Township Info" - Click Here to go directly to that page.

The Zoning Ordinance is available on this website on the Planning & Zoning Page found under the tab "Departments" - Click Here to go directly to that page.

Municipal Sewer & Water

MUNICIPAL SEWER - If you are connected to municipal sewer and have questions about this service or your bill, please call Laketon Township Hall at 231-744-2454. 

If you have a sewer related EMERGENCY after normal business hours (8:30 am to 4:30 pm Monday - Friday) please call Laketon Township Building Official Chris Hall at 231-578-1646This number is for AFTER HOURS EMERGENCIES ONLY!

MUNICIPAL WATER - If you are connected to (or have available to your property) municipal water and have questions about this service or your bill, please call the County of Muskegon Dept. of Public Works at 231-724-4721.

If you have a water related EMERGENCY after normal business hours (8:30 am to 4:30 pm Monday - Friday) please call the County of Muskegon Dept. of Public Works (DPW) at 231-724-4721 and follow the instructions given on the recording.

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