Recycling Helps Your Parks

RECYCLING is important for your earth, your community, your parks and your future!

Every single day Laketon Township maintenance staff find disposable water bottles laying all over the park and NOT properly disposed of or recycled. In addition to the plastic not being properly disposed of, the bottles are quite often still mostly FULL OF WATER.  This earth only has so much water, so please dump the water out on the ground so it can reenter the fresh water supply naturally and then properly RECYCLE the plastic bottles!  Better yet - stop using disposable plastic bottles - use and refill your own reusable water bottle! It's a triple win! 1. You win by saving money by not purchasing single bottles of water. 2. Your parks and community win by being kept clean (and it saves time and money by reducing the need for clean up). 3. The earth wins by not wasting our most precious natural resourse - fresh water!

Check out the Michigan Recycles Website for ways to recycle: http://www.michiganrecycles.org/…   

Recycling Information



Laketon Township strives to find and provide the most recent & relevant information regarding recycling to our residents and the public in general.

This list of recycling events and and website links is always changing and growing so check back often.

Laketon Township will accept household batteries (including rechargeable batteries, cell phone & laptop batteries), cfl lightbulbs and cell phones at the Township Hall and will transport them to an appropriate location for proper recycling. 

Note: please make sure all personal information, contact lists & text messages are deleted from the phone prior to being dropped off.  We are not responsible for information not deleted from these devices.


  • Car, Truck or other vehicle donation organizations - If you have an old vehicle, boat, rv and want or need to get rid of it, but don't know how, one of these organizations may be able to help...... Veteran Car Donations, Wheels for Wishes, Habitat for Humanity Donate a Car, 800Charity Cars, kars4kids, Kids Car Donations, the listing of these organizations IS NOT an endorsement of these organizations by Laketon Township - these links are shared for informational purposes, always be sure to do your own research before engaging in a transaction with any entity or organization.
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