Some permit fees will be increasing slightly - effective April 1, 2018.  we are working to update forms/fee schedules.  Please call the office if you need permit forms/information.  Laketon Township is open M - F 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.
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Home Preservation Partnership

Habitat For Humanity - Home Preservation Partnership.

A program to assist qualified homeowners w/exterior home maintenance/repairs and accessibility issues.  Click here for a detailed flyer and application.  Local contact person is Andrea Jonaitis - Phone: 231-727-6020 ext 205 or email:  ajonaitis@muskegonhabitat.org

Mold Info
All About Mold:  If you have mold or suspect you have mold, please click this link to go to the Michigan Dept. of Health & Human Services website for all kinds of information on mold; how to identify it, clean it, health concerns etc.

Laketon Township has a building inspector, an electrical inspector and a plumbing/mechanical inspector. Through a cooperative agreement/contract Building Inspector Chris Hall also inspects for Fruitland Township. 

Each inspector can be contacted as noted below:

Building Inspector - Chris Hall

Laketon Township Office Hours: 

Mondays - varied in the morning then 12pm to 2pm

Tuesdays, Thursdays & Fridays 8am to 10am and 12pm to 2pm

Wednesdays 12pm to 2pm.

Office phone:  231-744-2454  Cell phone:  231-578-1646            

E-mail:  buildinginspector@laketon.org

Due to the nature of the inspectors duties, these times are approximate and may vary slightly from time to time as needed.

Electrical Inspector - Jeff Johnson

Mr. Johnson does not maintain office hours at Laketon Township Hall.  He can be reached by cell phone at 231-329-4465 to schedule any needed inspections. 

Mechanical/Plumbing Inspector - Jim Hoppus Effective 10/1/2017

Mr. Hoppus, he does not maintain office hours at Laketon Township Hall.  He can be reached by cell phone at 231-780-7414 to schedule any needed inspections

Substitute inspectors may be used from time to time when the regular inspectors are unavailable due to continuing education classes, vacation or illness etc.

Commercial Permits

If you will be performing work on commercial properties/buildings, please call Laketon Township Offices 231-744-2454 for the correct application forms.  Thank you.

Residential Permits

Permits are required in Laketon Township as they are in all municipalities in the State of Michigan.  Posted below are permit applications for residential work that can be printed from your computer. The permit application will also contain a fee schedule.

Contractors - please be aware that you are required to register your license with Laketon Township in order to obtain permits for work on residential properties.  There is a registration form posted below. If you have any questions relating to permits, please feel free to contact the Township Hall.  231-744-2454

  • Building Permit Application (40 KB) -- Use this application for new home construction or large remodel/addition projects.

  • Building Permit Application - short form (40 KB) -- Use this application form for smaller residential projects such as roofing, siding, decking, small additions, sheds, pole barns/garages, misc. repairs etc.

  • Building Permit Checklist (30 KB) -- This checklist MUST accompany all applications for new home construction.

  • Building Permit Information (37 KB) -- The document lists information and documentation that needs to accompany building permit applications for new home construction.

  • Electrical Permit Application - Use this application for all residential electrical work.
  • Mechanical Permit Application - Use this application for all residential mechanical work.
  • Plumbing Permit Application - Use this application for all residential plumbing work.
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