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Upcoming and Recent Election Information

Upcoming Election - Special Election, Tuesday, May 7, 2019 - County 9-1-1 Muskegon Central Dispatch Surcharge

2018 General Election Results

          Muskegon County Results can be found on the Muskegon County Clerk's website:  Click Here.

          Michigan Statewide Results can be found on the MI Secretary of State's website:  Click Here.


Public records can be requested under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) - if you have any questions regarding FOIA policies and procedures, Clerk Christina Achterhoff is the FOIA Coordinator for Laketon Township and ALL REQUESTS MUST go through her office.  Her email address is cachterhoff@laketon.org 

The links below will provide information on Laketon Township's FOIA policies, procedures and forms.

Summary of FOIA Procedures & Guidelines

FOIA Procedures & Guidelines

FOIA Request for Public Records and other forms

FOIA Request - Detailed Cost Itemization

Clerk's Department/Election Information

Do you need to register to vote or know if you are registered? Click Here For the Secretary of State Website to find out.

Upcoming Election Date(s):

TUESDAY, MAY 7, 2019 - Special Election, Muskegon County, 9-1-1 Muskegon County Central Dispatch Surcharge

If wishing to vote absentee, please fill out the application in the link and return it to Laketon Township Clerk's office or you may stop in to the office and receive one as well.  https://www.michigan.gov/documents/AbsentVoterBallot_105377_7.pdf

Basic Election and Voting Information


    You must show one of the following types of photo ID at the polls in order to vote: The ID must be current - Driver's License, Personal identification card issued by another state, Federal or State government issued photo identification, U.S. Passport, Military identification card with photo, Student identification with photo - from a high school or an accredited institution of higher education or Tribal identification card with photo  OR  the voter may sign an affidavit form.


  • If you need to vote absentee, you must first complete an Application for Absent Voter's Ballot, call the Laketon Township Clerk (231-744-2454)  or stop in to the Laketon Township Hall to get an application.  Absent Voters MUST complete an application for each and every election before a ballot can be issued to them.
  • The office will be open on the Saturday before the election.
  • If a voter needs an Absent Voter Ballot in the event of an EMERGENCY situation on ELECTION DAY, please call the Laketon Township Clerk at 231-744-2454.
  • If you have an absentee ballot, it MUST be returned sometime BEFORE the close of the polls on election day in order to be counted.

Military and Overseas Absentee Voter Information

If you are an active duty servicemember of the Uniformed Services, a spouse/child/dependent of an active duty servicemember, a merchant marine or a U.S. Citizen living overseas, you have several options for voting by absentee ballot. Click these links for more information and forms!

For more information go to the Michigan Secretary of State Website by clicking the link below:


For the Voter Registration AND Absentee Ballot Request Federal Post Card Application (FPCA) Click the link below:


Recent Election Results

For current election results, please visit Muskegon County Clerk's Office website below.


Past Election Results Archive

For past election results, please visit Muskegon County Clerk's Office website below.


Election Precinct Workers

Interested in becoming an election inspector? Fill out the Election Inspector Application below and drop it off to Laketon Township Hall at 2735 W. Giles Road.  If you have any questions, you may call (231) 744-2454 and speak to Clerk Christina Achterhoff or Deputy Clerk Molly Joslyn.

Election Inspector Application.pdf

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