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Township Staff - by department w/email addresses

Office & Administrative Staff

Diane Sowa - Water & Sewer Dept Clerk & Cemetery Clerk

Veronica West -  Deputy Treasurer, Admin Assistant, Building Dept Clerk, Newsletter, Facebook & WebMaster

E-mail address: vwest@laketon.org

Molly Joslyn - Deputy Clerk, Elections Dept & Admin Assistant
E-mail address: mjoslyn@laketon.org

Wanda Budnik - Assessor
E-mail address: wbudnik@laketon.org

Theresa Maner - Zoning Administrator

E-mail address:  zoningadmin@laketon.org

David Bossenbroek - Township Attorney



Building Department

Chris Hall - Building Official/Building Inspector/Water & Sewer Superintendent
Phone:  231-578-1646 E-mail address: buildinginspector@laketon.org

Jeff Johnson - Electrical Inspector

Phone: 231-329-4465 (call this number to schedule inspections)  

Jim Hoppus/Hop's Inspections LLC - Plumbing and Mechanical Inspector
Phone:  231-780-7414 (call this number to schedule inspections) E-mail address: jimhoppus@gmail.com

Chris Hall - Interim Zoning Administrator
E-mail address: buildinginspector@laketon.org

Jeff Ream - Ordinance Enforcement Officer

Phone:  231-777-2018 or E-mail address:  enforcement@laketon.org

Maintenance Staff

Lee Marine and Rick Moore - Parks & Maintenance
E-mail Address: 

Larry Loch and Tracy Knight- Yard Waste Site Attendants



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